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[System] Slot Zero

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Posted 13 May 2016 - 06:48 AM



How it works?

Since the implementation of Slot Zero System, one new character per account will receive a special bonus.
Apart of being called Slot Zero, it doesn't matter on which slot the character is created, and the bonus is also valid for old players who creates a new character.


Once the character enters the game, a message will be displayed on the chat window informing the player about it.



Fist of all, the character will receive 48 Gameplay Hours of a Double Experience bonus.

Gameplay Hours means that the timer of the Buff will run only when the player is logged in.


1.png  2.png


Also, the player will also receive a Welcome Kit of Freebies to help him raise the first character.

12210.gif Bubble Gum x 8

12208.gif Battle Manual x 8

601.gif Fly Wing x 20

602.gif Butterfly Wing x 20

501.gif Red Potion x 20

1501.gif Club [3] x 1

1207.gif Main Gauche [3] x 1

2219.gif Flu Mask x 1

2320.gif Formal Suit [1] x 1

2502.gif Hood [1] x 1

2504.gif Muffler [1] x 1

2102.gif Guard [1] x 1

2306.gif Adventurer's Suit [1] x 1

2404.gif Shoes [1] x 1

12260.gif Cool Summer Outfit x 1


But, remember, this benefit is one-time only per account!



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