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Devil Square: The Sacred Staff

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To enter Devil Square, you need to be, at least, Level 70 and pay a 20.000z fee.
31038.gif Castle Cape is also necessary to grant your participation, see how to forge one clicking here.


Devil Square starts every two hours, so, it will be happening at 00:0002:0004:0006:0008:0010:0012:0014:0016:0018:0020:00 and22:00.


Devil Square Challenges

The Event consists in 3 stages.
First Stage:
Players will have to defeat three waves of monsters, which difficulty will rise on each of them, death is not an option on those grounds, if you die and have no way to be ressucted, you're out.
The Monsters, among with their normal item drops, will also grant bonus items with a chance.

1.jpg  2.jpg  3.jpg


Second Stage:
Past the 3 waves of monsters, all remaining survivers will be teleported to the corner of the room and Barricades will be placed on their way, protecting the Treasure Chests.
The way will be blocked until all barricades fall, then, players can run and try to get one of treasure's drops. Items from the chests will fall into the ground.

4.jpg  5.jpg

Third Stage:
After the last treasure being destroyed, the Sacred Statue will be summoned. It will be 500 HP strong, and it only takes 1 point of damage per hit, so, be sure to destroy it as fast as you can!
Once the Statue is destroyed, the legendary 31034.gif Sacred Staff will fall into the ground, and can be recovered by only one player.

6.jpg  7.jpg


The one who holds it, can trade it for special prizes at the exit of the event.


Sacred Staff Rewards

Currently, the obtainable prizes trading the Sacred Staff are , 7819.gif Nokia 5500 x 3 and 7712.gif Nokia 5300 x 3.

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