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  3. Hello, citizens of Midgard! Below you can find more information about our Level up! The 175 Race Event. Instructions Level your way up to 175/60 as fast as possible! That's all you have to do! Everyone who reaches max level will automatically take part in our 100$ In-game cash currency! Rules None! You can level as many characters as you want for higher chances of obtaining the reward! Rewards First Winner: 100$ In-game cash currency Second Winner: 50$ worth of In-game cash currency Third Winner: 20$ Worth of In-game cash currency Runner Ups (7x): Reward Box Claiming Rewards Please wait one of the Managers announced the winner. If you have been lucky and won, please send us a message! End of the Event You have exactly 24 hours after server opening to level up your 175/60 chars!
  4. RagartOnline International Mid-Rate Server 70x70x30x Rates Renewal, Latest Episode Max Lv. 175/60 Grand Opening at 20 Jan 2019 12:00pm (GMT+8) Singapore Time Zone Discord: Forum: Website: Don't forget to join our promotional event for Grand Opening: Level 175 Race Let your friends know, and we'll see you at the Grand Opening! #ragnarok #ragnarokonline #ragnarokonlineprivateserver #ragartonline#playrao
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